March 2018

The Dream Of Gyrocopter Flight

The life and times of the homebuilt rotorcraft comes of age, courtesy of Brock Manufacturing. According to the FAA, the most numerous type of homebuilt

Where Are Our Wankel Engines

We need this lightweight engine NOW! ARTICLE DATE: September 1976 Aviation magazines and, sometimes, even the Sunday newspaper supplements print articles about “the” great new

The Aurora Butterfly Gyroplane

ARTICLE DATE: November – December 2008 Valorie White, the new Executive Vice President of The Butterfly LLC, introduced the new Aurora Butterfly Gyroplane to the

Arrowcopter Modern STOL Gyrocopter

One pilot’s quest for performance leads to a gyrocopter GYROCOPTERS AND THE PROMISE of efficient, economical vertical flight first captivated my imagination in 1996 when