Diesel Engine Revolution

Piston Diesels Are Coming To America, But Will They Ever Catch On? Spend even a few minutes comparing the operation of an avgas-powered engine to

The First Rotax 912 Engine

The Rotax 912 was designed especially for homebuilts. Is it just the tip of the iceberg? OCTOBER 1991: A sure sign that the homebuilt aircraft

Bill Parsons Gyrocopter Guru

Bill Parsons has been flying gyros for 25 years; he attributes his longevity to proper training. Bill Parsons gave some last-minute instructions to his student

The Corvair Engine Syndrome

ARTICLE DATE: December 1974 HAVE YOU SEEN that guy next door with a Corvair engine mounted on a stand, turning a propeller with a gearbox

History Of The Limbach Engine

ARTICLE DATE: August 1974 Herr Limbach’s Flying Beetles SICHER, ZUVERLAESSIG, SPORTLICH, and sparsam, which translates from German into safe, reliable, sporting, and economical. This not

Lake Injector Fuel System

ARTICLE DATE: July 1974 It has been several months since Oshkosh ’73 and the EAA’s first look at the Lake Injector Fuel system. The response