Sport Pilot Pioneer Ken Brock

ARTICLE DATE: 1987 AUTHOR: Stormin’ Norm Goyer While Thousands Of Us Have Enjoyed Ken Brock’s Gyrocopter Performances At Airshows All Over The Country, Few Realize

Sport Copter Vortex Gyroplane

ARTICLE DATE: June 1995 Sport Copter’s New Vortex Kicks the Gyroplane Revolution into High Gear! Worn… Gee… Neat… Holy Smokes… Find us on Facebook:

Learning To Fly A Gyroplane

Dual gyro instruction in an RAF 2000 turns out to be an eye-opener ARTICLE DATE: March 1997 PHOTO ABOVE COURTESY: Daniel Popinga My wife and

Gary And The Gyrocopter

December 1978: This pilot graduated from hang gliders to his own gyrocopter. ….Several years ago I was all ex­cited about building my first flying machine.

The First Rotax 912 Engine

The Rotax 912 was designed especially for homebuilts. Is it just the tip of the iceberg? OCTOBER 1991: A sure sign that the homebuilt aircraft