February 2020

Lift Without Wings?

The Little Wing gyroplane relies on a rotor ARTICLE DATE: May 1998 Who would want to return to the days of flying aircraft without wings?

Flying the Rotor

By Jerry L. Robinson, PhD. CFI, Gyroplane, and a bunch of other stuff – PRA Number 41142 ARTICLE DATE: Sept-Oct 2008 If you follow the

Sport Copter Vortex Gyroplane

ARTICLE DATE: June 1995 Sport Copter’s New Vortex Kicks the Gyroplane Revolution into High Gear! Worn… Gee… Neat… Holy Smokes… Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SportCopter/

The Engine Decision

Do-it-yourself airplane design ARTICLE DATE: February 1997 In my quest for a better back­ country airplane, I wanted more power than my Rotax 582-powered Avid