Sport Pilot Pioneer Ken Brock

ARTICLE DATE: 1987 AUTHOR: Stormin’ Norm Goyer While Thousands Of Us Have Enjoyed Ken Brock’s Gyrocopter Performances At Airshows All Over The Country, Few Realize

Panel For A Gyrocopter

A peek inside a Magni M-14 Scout’s scratch-built panel Manfred Leuthard, EAA 465583 BUILDER’S LOG 2002 USA COURTESY: EAA Sport Aviation May 2002 Editor’s Note:

The First Rotax 912 Engine

The Rotax 912 was designed especially for homebuilts. Is it just the tip of the iceberg? OCTOBER 1991: A sure sign that the homebuilt aircraft

Barnett J4B Gyroplane

Easy-To-Build Single Seat Gyrocopter ARTICLE DATE: October 1979 JERRIE BARNETT, an Olivehurst, California, machinist and self-taught gyro-pilot, has come up with a fine little single-place