Air Command Gyro Pilots Get All The Girls!

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Proof Positive . . . Air Command Gyro Pilots Get All The Girls!

That’s right . . . you don’t have to be a secret agent to realize that the modern Air Command gyroplane has never been more affordable, maneuverable and exciting than it is today.

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Especially when you’re looking at an Air Command Gyroplane — the top selling sport gyroplane in the world today. Dependable two stroke power, composite rotor and control systems, advanced aerodynamics, and exciting design work have made Air Command the hit of the sport flying community.

New Air Command Gyroplanes for 1989 include a wide selection of ultralight and amateur built single seat aircraft. This new generation of rotary wing flying machine can be flown at speeds ranging from ZERO to well over 100 mph depending upon your choice of engine and the many exciting new options available for the Commander.

“With the new two place conversion, the Commander can be used to teach you the fine points of gyro flight with greater safety and enjoyment than ever before . . . and then used to share the thrill of gyro flight with your favorite friend, family members . . . or fellow secret agent”.

Gyroplanes — fast, fun, exciting, thrilling, affordable. One of the best ways to enjoy sport flying in the 1980s.

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But . . . don’t just take our word for it. Check us out!!! We have an extensive information pack available that can answer all your questions about owning, building and flying an Air Command Gyroplane.

Our new Air Command video is an enticing and comprehensive look at the exciting world of gyro flying — it’s fast paced, exciting, and sure to help you understand that Air Command gyroplanes are the most exciting birds flying in the sky!

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