Kennedy Aircraft Sky Cycle Gyrocopters

Kennedy Aircraft Sky Cycle gyrocopters

“SKY-CYCLE” Gyrocopters

Historical Atricle

Kennedy Aircraft’s FLY-and-SKY-CYCLES can take off in 100 feet, have a speed range of 8 to 110+ mph, fly in 40 mph wind, will not spin or stall, and land in 0-5 feet.

Their proven ROTAX engines,five dollars an hour operating cost (a fraction of that of fixed wing and helicopter costs), and money-saving home garaging make the Kennedy Aircraft gyro the most practical way to fly.

The FLY-CYCLES are open frame gyros that combine simplicity with light weight and high performance. The SKY-CYCLEs feature the company’s unique full fairing which combines aerodynamic efficiency with high speed comfort, while retaining the inherent quality of the modern autogyro.

All machines include the performance and safety features that set Kennedy Aircraft’s gyros apart, for example, the TALL TAIL rudder and large horizontal stabilizer. The FLY-and-SKY-CYCLEs are manufactured with a wide variety of options available, from hydraulic brakes and prerotators to full instrumentation with radios.

Kennedy Aircraft was incorporated in October 1987 by President Ed Kennedy, who has been designing, building and flying autogyros for 26 years. The company produces plans, kits, subassemblies, and components for its one- and two-place machines, as well as components for upgrading existing autogyros.

A summary of our machines:
  • FLY-CYCLE ultralight 503

  • FLY-CYCLE HP 532


  • SKY-CYCLE 503

  • SKY-CYCLE HP 532


The open frame models are available now for quick delivery. Orders are being taken for both models now, a deposit will reserve your machine on the list. The fairing is retrofittable to the open frame models and will be available (along with the complete SKY-CYCLEs) soon.

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