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Arrow two stroke enginesAvid Aircraft has adopted the line of Arrow engines for its Flyer and Amphibian.

One of the most intriguing displays at Oshkosh last year was Arrow America’s line of aircraft engines: one, two, four and six-cylinder models ranging from 34 to 180 hp. All Arrow Engines are air-cooled, two-stroke, lightweight, compact, very efficient, and reasonably priced.

Although Arrow has been manufacturing aircraft engines for many years, its powerplants are relatively new in the U.S. They have been imported and distributed by Bill Parsons’ company — Arrow America — only since 1988.

Arrow Engines Early Success (1992)

Modularization has only been a dream in the past, but Arrow Engines seems to have made it work. Except for crankshafts, its engines use modular components almost exclusively. This happy marriage of technology and marketing savvy minimizes the cost of replacement parts and enhances, their availability from dealers.

Model Power (hp) Weight* (pounds) Price**
GT-250 34 73 $2760
GT-500 65 88 $3960
GT-1000 100 145 $6950
GT-1000X 120 153 $7126
GT-1500 180 200 $9500
Notes: * running configuration minusfluids
Notes: ** retail price (1992)
TABLE: 1 (1992)

Table 1 lists the power, weight and cost of each engine in the Arrow line. The GT-1000X is identical to the GT-1000 except for a tuned exhaust system that enables it to produce an additional 20 hp.

All engines come with a gear-type reduction unit as standard equipment. Arrow engines appear to be durable. Arrow’s highest-time engine is a GT-1000X that has powered a gyroplane used for training by Arrow Engines dealer Bill Parsons.

According to Parsons, this engine has flown more than 900 hours without a problem. Harold Springer, an Avid Aircraft dealer from Titusville, Florida, who has two Arrow-powered Flyers, reports that his engines have suffered no glitches during 100 hours of flight.

Arrow Engines attributes the durability of its engines to the fact that they were designed specifically for aircraft use (electronic ignition and jewel-like machining by the subcontractor that does similar work for Ferrari also helps). Proof of Arrow’s faith in its engines is the one-year parts and labor warranty on every engine.

Arrow’s two-stroke engines have an exceptionally low specific fuel consumption (SFC: pounds of fuel per horsepower per hour) of just under 0.5, which compares favorably with most Continentals and Lycomings. A key to this miserly fuel burn rate is the two extra ports in the lower part of each cylinder.

They are angled upward and blow the burned fuel/air mix out and suck the unburned fuel deeper into the cylinder, causing a more complete and cleaner burn. This design element of the Arrow engines may contribute to the lower-pitch sound: something closer to that made by a four-stroke powerplant.

Model Power (hp) Weight* (pounds) Width (inches) Price**
GT-1000X 120 153 23 $7126
Norton Rotary 90 142 19 $8,300
Cont. 0-200 100 220 33 $12,800
Lyc. 0-235 118 250 34 $19,900
Notes: * with accessories, including exhaust (1992)
Notes: ** retail price (1992)

The Arrow engine family features an electric starter, dual plugs, slide carburetor with separate fuel pump, and several different gear reduction ratios. They are also designed to run on auto gas. The Arrow engines — especially the GT-1000X — compare favorably with their four-stroke counterparts as depicted in Table 2.

If the initial durability pattern continues, the Arrow engine line may accelerate the trend that two-stroke enthusiasts have been predicting: a massive takeover of the small aircraft market by a new breed of two-stroke engines.

Arrow Engines two stroke ultralight engine

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  1. Looking for information on ‘Arrow’ gear reduction unit for Yamaha YG4 engine, thanks.

  2. Hi. I have a GT 500 engine and gearbox and will be rebuilding it. Are there any specific material requirements for the rebuild?

  3. Mike Hallums | June 26, 2019 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    Gyro/Light aircraft parts available. Zero Hour Arrow GT 1000x with full suite of accessories and original fittings for sale. New, unused, still in original box. Dry stored. Also 23ft McCutcheon rotor blade pair, with teeter hub, new, unused in original boxes. Fin & Rudder. In South West UK. Can ship anywhere. Inspected by ex RAE Farnborough/UK CAA Licenced Helicopter Engineer, qualified on 330/332 Pumas.

  4. Does anyone have Arrow 1000 parts or manuals available?

  5. I have an Arrow GT 500 that I need a few parts for including the exhaust pipes
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    I have have a Arrow GT 500 For Sale. Never started or mounted, still factory preserved and crated. All parts except manual. Would like to get $4000 for it.
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