ABS Aerolight Xenon Gyrocopter

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ABS Aerolight, a specialist in the design, manufacture, and sale of scientific drones and ultralight motorized aircraft, is pleased to announce its latest product: the Xenon Gyrocopter.

The Xenon Gyrocopter is a fully enclosed gyroplane equipped with the latest in innovative technologies. It offers the stability of a regular plane, providing a feeling of safety guaranteed to make every
flight a pleasant one.

The Xenon Gyrocopter features a unique design comprised of a composite, structurally self-supporting cell with all of the necessary reinforcements at each vital stress point.

Upper and lower windows, large windows in each door, and a wraparound windshield provide optimum visibility and a panoramic view. A complete, helicopter-type instrument panel is perfectly integrated into the cabin design.

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The 50 inch wide Xenon Gyrocopter cabin offers unbeatable comfort. All of the flight commands are centrally located, and the ergonomic composite bucket seats are adjustable and may be removed to reveal a generous 8.8 cubic feet storage compartment. A stretcher, cargo area, or airborne workspace may be installed by removing the passenger seat.

The Xenon Gyrocopter features sturdy and effective landing gear with two aluminium blades at the back and a front welded yoke. Propulsion is ensured by a HIRTH F30 102-HP motor with forced cooling and a Kevlar/carbon Ivoprop-type propeller with a diameter of 68.5 inches for optimum thrust.

No motor effects are felt and overall stability is excellent due to the generously dimensioned tail unit. The rotor is built using an exclusive all aluminum extruded technology, making it virtually vibration free.

The Xenon gyroplane may be purchased with a number of options on a special order basis. The complete, advanced kit can be assembled in approximately 250 hours. ABS Aerolight is currently seeking civilian partners and offers exclusive distribution contracts for Xexon gyroplanes.

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