Gyrocopter Flight Helmets

What type of gyrocopter flight helmets do YOU use?

Terry Smith PRA

This is a question I posed on the Rotary Wing Forum recently, and I got quite a few interesting responses, so I thought I’d share what I looked for in gyrocopter flight helmets, what features I looked at, and perhaps give others like me (currently helmetless) some things to look at and consider. Ultimately, it’s YOUR decision!

Comtronix Gyrocopter Flight Helmets

Comtronix Flight Helmet

Prior to flying, I rode a motorcycle, so I’m familiar with that style of helmet. So, my first stop was Comtronics ( where they have both open-face

and full face helmets. Their website has a fairly decent selection of helmets to choose from.

The open-face helmets look to have a snap-on face shield, but I couldn’t see whether they were attached with additional security. That leads me towards either full-face or no shield with that type, wearing goggles instead. A face shield going into a prop isn’t my idea of fun!

The other concern I have is that I received feedback on the forum about the quality of the Comtronics electrical components. A number of people mentioned they replaced the included electronics with different parts to improve quality. This was also reflected in consumer reviews I found online. So, if you go Comtronics, you may (your experience may vary) end up making changes too.

Flycom Gyrocopter Flight Helmets

Flycom Flight Helmet

My next stop was This British company makes what looks to be a very well-made helmet. I really like the field of view that the face shield provides, and it is secured with 2 screws in addition to the 3 snaps. Every review I’ve seen on this helmet has been favorable, with high praise for its audio and noise suppression.

These helmets are not cheap!! The prices that they show on the site are in British Pounds – you’re going to have to convert that to USD, and you’ll see just how much these go for. Being that they are overseas, my concern would be time lag should you have any issues with the helmet. But, with today’s express mail service, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Gentex Gyrocopter Flight Helmets

Gentex Flight Helmet

We have a few people who use these helmets and really like the comfort and audio qualities. However, the prices for a new one (over $1,000!) puts these out of my reach. I imagine they can be found used, and would probably be a great choice once cleaned up. ( – Check out the latest NEW & USED Gentex prices below at

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Lynx Gyrocopter Flight Helmets

Lynx Flight Helmet

I flew a Trike in Hawaii with the Lynx helmet ( and found the noise suppression excellent and audio was great as well. (I sat just in front of the Rotax 912 with no issues) This is another British company, and if service is needed, it appears that service is performed in England, which could be pricey.

There is also a battery in the Lynx helmet and it requires charging. I have read that people have let this drain and weaken, requiring the helmet to be sent back for battery replacement. While I really liked the Lynx, I prefer not to have that issue. In the end, my decision is down to two current choices – Comtronics or Flycom.

Gyrocopter Flight Helmets Summary

Comtronics is more within my price range, has a decent selection, and it doesn’t a

ppear difficult to improve the electrical components if necessary. Flycom has a helmet that may be superior in fit, finish and overall quality, but there is always the concern of issues down the road and the possibility of mailing it back for service (but I don’t believe that to be a deal-breaker).

After all, hearing what you need to AND preserving your hearing itself should be your primary concern. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what your budget is, what style and features you’re looking for to decide on a helmet. New or used can also be a deciding factor. And I’m certain there are a few other helmet choices out there. These are just the ones I recently perused. Good luck with your helmet search!

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